Innovation creates the opportunity for existing job roles within various industries to simplify the existing Risk Management approach and help the company gain a competitive advantage in their fields of business.

Regulation Impact

Since 2019, our initiative to enhance British Standards for Hand Arm Vibration (ISO5349 and ISO8041) has been acknowledged by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) of the United Kingdom.

In 2022, the HSE pledged to unveil new guidance distinguishing measurement devices from monitoring devices, spurred by our innovative measurement technology and technique.

The official guidance, allowing for palm measurements, was published in December 2023.



Intellectual Property

Experience true innovation with our patented vibration measurement technology, sensor configuration, and real-time compliant calculation of vibration exposure.

Our novel monitoring technique empowers companies to develop effective control measures for HAVS, setting a new standard in an outdated marketplace of solutions.

Digitalising Health & Safety

Transition from paper based systems to a seamless online dashboard experience that can generate automated reports and send emails to notify management of overexposure or injury incidents.

Safety at your fingertips, based on data gathered by your workforce, in your working environments.

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