Get to know us

-Hands on Protection-

Feraru Dynamics designs, engineers and collaborates to manufacture reliable, non-intrusive wearable monitoring devices, ensuring a proactive approach for staff health management within the manufacturing industry.

Our Company

Our mission is to create and maintain a safe working environment for
all manufacturing employees.

Our Objective

The initial primary focus of the company is protecting workers from being
exposed to hazardous vibrations.

Our Motivation

We are proud to be contributing towards bringing a proactive approach to health
and safety at work.

Our Work

Our patented technology will disrupt the HAVS market by introducing an enhancement in Hand Arm Vibration monitoring technology and technique.

Healthcare is a preeminent dimension of existence in every individual life and a global issue which requires synchronised collaboration between nations and governments. Simultaneous with technological advancements, novel ways of maintaining robust health are introduced to the market.