Workplace Safety

Elevate your workplace safety with our revolutionary HAV-Sentry glove. 
Your ultimate defense against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.

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Proactive Solutions

Let our system do all the work for you.

Exposure assessments are automated using real data generated by your employees within their working environments, without any disruption to their normal day to day activities.

Effective control measures built on accurate data, can prevent injury and ensure that every single person goes home in the same condition they came in, every day!

Available Technology

HAV-Sentry System

HAV-Sentry: Your ultimate guard against vibration overexposure.

HAV-Sentry is a defense against HAVS, offering precise measurements and real-time insights to protect your workforce. Prevent hand injuries and enhance productivity and well-being.

Start your journey towards digital safety today!

Upcoming Technology

AI Occupational Health BOT

Meet your new safety ally: the Occupational Health AI Assistant - coming soon!

Our AI-powered assistant will revolutionise how Health & Safety roles interact with occupational health data.

Streamline your processes, uncover actionable insights and take proactive steps towards a safer workplace.

Stay tuned for the future of occupational health management.

Reactive vs Proactive

Waiting for symptoms to develop and taking reactive measures to manage them is now a relic of the past.

Having accurate data generated by your workforce in a personalised way, on all our work processes, will provide transparency to the regulating body and help your business keep people safe in the face of hazardous exposures.


Real Time Protection


Root Cause Analysis

Our Partners

Develop and utilise the latest technology (hardware & software libraries) to innovate Occupational Health from the current reactive approach where people get injured or notice symptoms and then take action, to preventing injuries and overexposure to workplace hazards.

Develops and produces electronic systems designed for textile integration and wearables since 2005​

Specialise in manufacturing & testing using modern systems, materials and designing production procedures since 2005

Internationally distributes measurement technology for Occupational Health & Safety since 1984

Supplies cutting tools to the biggest companies across the Areospace, Motosport, Automotive and Medical Industries 1979

Exists to have a positive impact on society. They partner with industry & science to deliver solutions to society's biggest challenges since 1901

Founded to further the study and practice of occupational hygiene. protecting people at work since

America’s leading non-profit safety advocate, focused on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths since 1913

Integrates physical and digital design, engineering custom software applications to transform ideas into products since 2020

Developing people’s knowledge and talent into practical skill for society since 1843

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