“Continuous improvement of the reactive way of looking after your health to a more proactive approach where symptoms are prevented.”


Andrei Feraru

Founder of Feraru Dynamics


The founder of the company identified the opportunity to improve the existing health and safety equipment while on a work placement in industry.

The idea was to create complex monitoring equipment which would shift the current reactive health management system into a proactive approach of managing hazardous exposure.

Based on the current needs of the manufacturing community, it was decided that vibration monitoring equipment would be the ideal first product to be designed and prototyped.

The founder of the company then started a research project as part of his Mechanical Engineering Degree at Coventry University.

The thesis titled: Enhancement in Hand Arm Vibration Monitoring Technology and Technique was produced alongside a working proactive prototype conforming to British Standard BS ISO 5349 and BS ISO 8041. The resulting novel monitoring technique and innovative mathematical additions to the standardised exposure assessment were patented.

Shortly afterwards, the company initial team of creative & experienced people formed around the idea of developing a revolutionary product. It wasn’t all romantic… The initial team of five people, with complementary skills, all volunteered for six months on a full time-basis to keep the vision alive and seek funding.

The company was incorporated on the 1st of August 2018 with an existing dedicated team already engaged in synchronising their individual passion for entrepreneurship, engineering, programming and design to produce the market disruptive technology that will ensure employees maintain resilience in the face of inevitable hazardous exposure.