The HAV-Sentry system has been developed to provide real-time alerts based on vibration perceived by user’s hand, preventing overexposure and driving the formation of robust control measures.

The HAV-Sentry system is a reliable guard against the hazardous effects of vibration overexposure on the human hand, protecting tool operators from developing the lifelong Hand Arm Vibration syndrome. The textile embedded monitoring technology represented by the sensing and the control units are assembled in a replaceable liner glove, to be worn with or without protection gloves.

Vibration exposure levels are calculated based on real-time acquired vibration data by the minimally intrusive sensing unit found in the palm. Sound and visual indicators provided by the control unit found on the back of the hand inform the wearer of reaching the threshold exposure action and limit values.

System Components


The Aegis represents the textile embedded sensing and control units, housing the monitoring, alerting and control systems. Vibration, grip strength and hand orientation data is continuously acquired for live exposure alerts and online visualization, analysis and reporting.


Aegis units come pre assembled in an ambidextrous, breathable and moisture wicking liner glove. When dirty or worn out, the glove can be washed or replaced by following the disassembly and assembly procedures.

ID Tag

A Bluetooth Low Energy tag, storing user and company identification numbers. Tags are individually assigned to each operator and used to pair with the Aegis device at the start of each shift.

Docking Station

The Aegis is connected to the Docking Station for charging, data transfer, system checks and firmware updates. Up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously via the provided USB cables.


The HAV Sentry dashboard is a secure, cloud based, online platform designed for data visualization, analysis and risk assessment reporting. Operator specific A(8) exposure trend, grip strength, hand orientation, vibration peak and RMS amplitudes are displayed at 1Hz for each monitoring instance.

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