System Overview

The HAV-Sentry system is a reliable guard against the hazardous effects of vibration overexposure on the human hand, protecting tool operators from developing the lifelong Hand Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVs). The textile embedded monitoring technology represented by the sensing and the control units are assembled in a replaceable liner glove, to be worn with or without protection gloves.

Vibration exposure levels are calculated based on real-time acquired vibration data by the minimally intrusive sensing unit found in the palm. Sound and visual indicators provided by the control unit found on the back of the hand inform the wearer of reaching the threshold exposure action and limit values.

Sensor Unit

Compact enclosure situated in the centre of the palm, purposed to acquiring:

  • Three-axis acceleration (m/s2)
  • Grip force (N)
  • Palm orientation (degrees)


Low-profile electronics encapsulating power unit and alert system, featuring:

  • Real-time sound alerts upon exceeding exposure limits
  • Visual indicator of vibration exposure status
  • Battery size enough for continuous monitoring of a full work-shift
  • User authentication via Bluetooth tag

DAQ Station

Standalone data acquisition and charging station, featuring:

  • Secure upload to cloud database
  • Device charging between shifts
  • Remote software updates


Online data visualisation tool that ensures HSE transparency, indispensable for determining best practice guides to aid injury prevention and ensure consistent product quality.

  • Track daily exposure
  • Generate automatic reports
  • Establish exposure trends
  • Request custom analysis


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