Sensor Unit

Compact enclosure situated in the centre of the palm, purposed to acquiring:

  • Three-axis acceleration (m/s2)
  • Grip force (N)
  • Palm orientation (degrees)


Low-profile electronics encapsulating power unit and alert system, featuring:

  • Real-time sounds alerts upon exceeding exposure limits
  • Visual indicator of vibration exposure status
  • Battery size enough for continuous monitoring of a full work-shift
  • User authentication via Bluetooth tag

DAQ Station

Standalone data acquisition and charging station, featuring:

  • Secure upload to cloud database
  • Device charging between shifts
  • Remote software updates


Online data visualisation tool that ensures HSE transparency, indispensable for determining best practice guides to aid injury prevention and ensure consistent product quality.

  • Track daily exposure
  • Generate automatic reports
  • Establish exposure trends
  • Request custom analysis


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