The Dashboard is a innovative digital assistant.
We designed our product & service to guide HSE Managers, Occupational Hygienists, Project Managers and Team Leaders in setting up effective control measures and keeping a bird’s eye view on the workforce productivity.


  • Personalised operator vibration exposure profiles
  • Vibration peak and RMS amplitudes at one second intervals
  • Operator hand orientation and grip strength
  • Monitor & compare operator performance
  • Download data in multiple formats
  • Generate automated risk assessment reports
  • Identify maintenance & calibration intervals for hand-held tools

The HAV-Sentry System was designed to help organisations understand and communicate the Control Measures set in place by ISO 5349. The Dashboard & our team will help to:

  • Identify a series of operations that reflect the operator’s normal working pattern
  • Identify the right tools & consumables for the job
  • Identify tool maintenance issues
  • Measure acceleration rms as felt by the hand in all operations
  • Reduce time spent using the tool
  • Work in safe and efficient job rotations

Job Performance - Operator Best Practice Guides

Efficiency / Productivity / Transparency

The HAV-Sentry System captures the operator work behavior and the Dashboard will provide a tool for:

  • Tracking operator mistakes and understanding the root cause
  • Resolving issues related to faults and injuries
  • Building an accurate database of your work processes
  • Ranking operators / teams / contractors in terms of productivity and efficiency
  • Tailoring training packs for your workforce to perform to your established Best Practice Guides based on:
    • Time of actual work
    • Grip Force
    • Hand Orientation