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Get a bird’s eye view on workforce productivity and vibration exposure.

Hierarchy of HAVS controls

 Dashboard features

► Personalised operator profiles ◄
► Vibration peak and RMS every second ◄
► Hand orientation and grip strength ◄
► Compare teams & operators ◄
► Exposure assessment reports ◄
► CSV data download ◄
HAV-Sentry captures the operator work behaviour, helping organisations formulate appropriate control measures.

The Dashboard provides a tool for:

  • Identifying a series of operations that reflect the usual working pattern.
  • Building an accurate database of your work processes.
  • Choosing the right tools & consumables for the job.
  • Quantifying the time spent using the tool.
  • Working in safe and efficient job rotations.
  • Resolving claims related to faults and injuries.
  • Ranking operators & teams in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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